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What are the 5 Most Common Audi Transmission Problems?

Clifford Tyler
August 18, 2023

Your transmission is one of the most important parts of your Audi. When you're experiencing Audi transmission problems, and it's not working properly, you won't be able to get anywhere fast. So, what are the most common transmission problems?

In this article, we will look at a few Audi transmission problems and their warning signs to help you know when it's time for transmission service.

Most Common Audi Transmission Problems

Low Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid lubricates your Audi transmission and keeps them cool to prevent overheating. If you're low on fluid, it can create lots of problems like slipping gears or shifting slowly. Usually, when you're low on fluid, it means you're either overdue for maintenance or have a leak somewhere in your transmission.

Torque Converter Damage

Problems with your torque converter can lead to a full transmission failure. The most common issue is damaged needle bearings. When these tiny parts start overheating, they begin to wear down. You'll usually be able to hear this while you drive. The car will be silent when you're in neutral but will sound like grinding metal when you're in gear.

Solenoid Malfunction

The solenoid regulates the flow of your transmission fluid. When it's malfunctioning, you'll notice the same symptoms as when you're low on fluid. The gears will slip, and the shifting will be off because even if you have enough fluid, the solenoid isn't letting it properly lubricate your parts.

Jammed Clutch

Audi transmission problems can hamper the performance of your vehicle.

One of the things that can cause your solenoid to malfunction is a jammed clutch. This crucial part is located inside your torque converter and causes many problems if it gets jammed. Both slipping gears and getting stuck in one gear are signs of issues with your clutch. It may also cause your transmission to overheat or start shaking.

Leakage From Manual Transmission System

Recently, people have been complaining about leakage in their Audi transmission system. If you happen to see a red fluid puddle under your car, then there is a likelihood that your car has worn-out seals or gaskets or a broken case. Loose bolts or leaking cooler lines are also known to cause this.

Signs of Audi Transmission Problems

Audi cars are usually dependable and stay consistent over time. Like any transmission, if the transmission starts having issues, it can lead to significant performance problems. Observe your car's behavior so that you can explain the exact symptoms to your trusted Audi expert for an accurate diagnosis. Also, Audi transmission problems may resemble other car issues, so your Audi specialist should do a proper check to eliminate other potential causes.

Whether your vehicle runs on a manual or automatic transmission, you should be able to tell when your transmission is having problems. You should be aware of a few warning signs that you will usually be able to hear, feel, or smell.

The Car Won't Respond Or Engage When In Gear

When you shift your car into drive or reverse, does it react immediately or take time? Does the car's transmission not work properly when you put it in drive or reverse? These situations suggest a concern. It might mean there's an issue with the fluid in your car, which has lost its protective abilities. Getting a proper fluid replacement could be beneficial.

Sometimes, you might face a problem with the car's computer system. You can also fix this by resetting the car's computer. You can perform this task independently by disconnecting the battery for approximately half an hour. This gives it a chance to reset. If this doesn't work, having an experienced transmission mechanic examine it for you is a good idea.

Rough Running Conditions

Audi cars usually provide comfortable and smooth rides. However, if there are Audi transmission problems, you might feel strong vibrations, shaking, or jerking at higher speeds. This is problematic and unsafe, so get it inspected immediately.

Check Engine Light Is On

The 'Check Engine light' is meant to assist you in recognizing ongoing or forthcoming issues in your car. It can signal problems from various car systems, not only the transmission.

The sensors in your transmission can detect anything unusual, more than you can notice. They send signals to your computer when something's not right. Afterward, the check engine light shows you that something's amiss.

Slipping Transmission

When there are problems with the transmission, a typical sign is slipping. Slipping happens when the engine revs high, but the car doesn't use the power it's making.

Fluid Leaks

If you check under the car, you can also see when the transmission fluid leaks. Another thing to be aware of is old transmission fluid. Eventually, transmission fluid loses its effectiveness. This can make the transmission and produce a burning smell. That's why it's important to get new fluid regularly.

Fluid leaks can happen in any transmission variation, and the transmission fluid is vital for optimal running. Over a dozen seals and valves can potentially leak transmission fluid, and leaks must get taken care of immediately.

Hesitation Upon Gear Shifting

There are many types of Audi transmission problems.

Depending on where in the transmission the issue originates, it is common for drivers to face delayed gear shifting in their Audi vehicles. The problem is often related to a fluid leak or a loose connecting belt.

Burnt Odor Coming from Engine

Your car should NOT have a burning smell, which is something to be concerned about. Overheated fluid is one of the most common causes of a burning smell within the transmission. Your transmission's fluid is super-important in protecting this very expensive and complex system from running properly.

When the transmission fluid's lubricating abilities diminish, as it does with time and mileage, it allows making friction between all the parts. Friction causes the breakdown of parts and the buildup of debris and likely sludge. All these problems together eventually result in a complete transmission breakdown. That is costly and quite inconvenient.

Sometimes the cause is just low transmission fluid level. That is often caused by a leak because, unlike motor oil, transmission fluid in most cars does not lessen with time. Also, this can occur with the wrong type of fluid added to your particular vehicle.

Makes Noises

If you suddenly begin to hear a humming, whining, or clunking noise under your car like you have never heard before, you might have Audi transmission problems. That trouble might be minor, but it could signal something worse.

Some noises from your transmission can be caused by your automatic transmission fluid breaking down. This fluid has a hefty job of lubricating an amazing amount of mechanical gear and components. That fluid loses its protective properties with time and use and doesn't stop that friction.

The reason the complex automatic transmission system gets damaged is due to friction.

If you hear clunking noises and suspect it is coming from the transmission, your transmission might already have an internal part giving out. If that's the case, having a qualified automatic transmission mechanic look at it immediately is important.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Audi's Transmission

You should have your vehicle checked if you notice Audi transmission problems.

The transmission is one of the most important parts of your Audi car. It is what allows your car to move, and it is what will keep you safe on the road. Therefore, you should maintain regular Audi maintenance to ensure your transmission stays in good condition.

Change oil filters, replace fluids, and check fluid levels often. If you do not do this regularly, problems can quickly arise, such as more frequent repairs or a complete system breakdown, which could leave you stranded on the side of the road.


Many Audi transmission problems start small. Ignoring the signals, such as the above signs, usually produces super-expensive repairs. Some repairs are affordable and small, and they can prevent a huge bill later on. If peace of mind and money are important to you and you encounter any of these transmission issues, give us a call today.


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